• Brantley got home from work the other night around ten o’clock. I had just finished a long shower and was sitting in the recliner relaxing and watching TV. He walked into the bedroom and exclaimed, “It feels moist in here.” Sigh. His word choice, at times, is a little lacking. He could’ve said humid or muggy, but he’s Brantley so he didn’t.
  • Upon exiting the shower this morning, Luke (20 mos) ran up to me, stuck his finger in my belly button and said, “Ay-ee-oh-uhh.” I marched straight into the bonus room where Brantley sat, eating a popsicle and watching Sponge Bob. “Did you teach Luke to say areola?”
    “Yep, it’s anatomically correct…and it’s funny,” he snickered.
    “Well, he thinks it’s in your belly button,” I insisted.
    Without taking his eyes off of the TV, he mumbled back, “He’ll figure it out.”

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