Deep Thoughts

I was in downtown Nashville today running errands when I passed a homeless man standing on an off ramp. He was selling copies of a homeless news publication called, the Contributor. I was perplexed. How could the homeless community have their own newspaper? The resources required to write, publish and print the paper alone would require, well, money. The answers to these questions probably lie within the paper itself, but alas, I refuse to spend a dollar on a paper that I don’t qualify to write for. It wouldn’t be a good investment. And so, this may remain one of the great unsolved mysteries of our time.

2 thoughts on “Deep Thoughts

  • Hey don’t limit your options so fast! On their site’s home page it speaks to writing for them:

    Submit Your Work
    If a contributor is homeless or formerly homeless, they may submit content on any subject. If a contributor has never experienced homelessness, then the subject of their submission needs to be on homelessness or poverty.

    That leaves alot of room for you to write in! And they would probably appreciate the humor you bring to the table too!

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