Happy Anniversary!

I dropped Brantley off at the dermatologist on Friday, and as he was walking in the door I shouted out the car window. “Hey, good luck with that rash!”

He later explained to me that he is immune to my embarrassment and that the only rash he has is the one resulting from our seven year itch. Ouch!

In a related story, he and I got married seven years ago today, thus beginning the best years of his life.

Happy anniversary to the best husband ever!! Thank you for putting up with my lousy housework, my big mouth, and my constant need to “get my way.” Also, thanks for putting up with the way I wait for you around a corner, then jump out and scream in your face to scare you. (Nothing makes me laugh harder than hearing you scream like a girl.) Thanks for constantly giving me material to write about and giving me your blessing to actually put it on the internet. Also, thanks for not getting too mad when I hide the remote on purpose and laugh while you search around the room for it.

I should probably take this opportunity to apologize for writing, “ink poisoning kills” directly on the fruit you take to work in your lunch. That reminds me, thanks for cooking all the time, too. But mostly, thanks for not divorcing me yet. I love you!!!!

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