I was going to simply post this picture without dialogue under the guise of a “Wordless Wednesday,” but considering I had a wordless Monday and Tuesday, I cannot afford myself such luxuries.

The following is a picture of my husband taken while he was “working.” And while I don’t have a typical Brantley-ism zinger to accompany it, I think it speaks volumes by itself.

As you can see, his work computer was outfitted with Photoshop, or at least it is until his boss gets wind of this picture. My husband is a brilliant man who went to school for much longer than me, and has many letters after his name. Just try to keep that in mind…

This is the same man who just last week (while sporting a Kool Ade mustache) argued that HE should be able to read my TB skin test because he is technically a doctor, to which I replied, “No. Technically, you’re not.”

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