A Visit to the Pumpkin Patch

This weekend we enjoyed a visit to the Pumpkin Patch, a harvest time must in our family. Our trip there turned out to be entertaining AND educational.

Alvin, Simon and Theodore are synonamous with fall, right?

Brantley and Luke enjoyed the hayride. It was fun, but at three dollars apiece, I expected more hay…

If there is a band playing within a ten mile radius, Luke will find it and immediately bust a move, as you see here. He’s a sucker for a banjo.

Ah! What have we here? Some turkeys. Oh, how sweet. Wait, why is the Daddy turkey following the Mommy turkey so closely, like he has something to prove? At this moment I realized that our innocent family trip was about to get a lot hotter, not unlike my nipple slip at the library last year.

Well that’s not how we do things in our household, but to each his own, I guess.

I am going to let this be the last picture I show you of the turkey encounter, but suffice it to say that things really heated up. And, while I should’ve scooted us along instead of continuing to take pictures like some wildlife paparazzi, I couldn’t bring myself to look away. Meanwhile, Luke asked, “What’s they doonin’?”

What could I say? “Well son, they are making sweet turkey love much like your Dad and I did before you were born.”

Brantley interrupted, “No son, the Daddy is standing on top of the Mommy because she runs her mouth too much.”
Luke responded with, “Wet’s pay choo-choo twain.”

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