Seeing the World Through Mr. Potato Head Glasses

This is how Luke (2.5 yrs old) thinks our Nativity scene should be set up. Notice Mary and Joseph are back to back, most likely not speaking to each other. Was it an argument over sending baby Jesus to public vs. private school? I can’t be sure. Poor baby Jesus is out in the cold with the animals, wearing nothing but swaddling clothes. Shame on Mary and Joseph. It would take Child Protective Services awhile to get there because they too, were following the star. My favorite part of the scene, however, would have to be the creepy wise man that is lying on his side, peering in at Mary through the window.
This is not how I imagine things happened after the birth of baby Jesus, but then again who’s to say. Life is always a lot more interesting when you’re seeing the world through Mr. Potato Head glasses.

One thought on “Seeing the World Through Mr. Potato Head Glasses

  • Maybe Luke thinks he needs to get outdoors more often? And play with the animals? Bet you’re glad there’s no blackbirds in the Nativity scene huh? ;)
    I am thrilled that wearing glasses is cool again, even Mr. Potatohead glasses!

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