Top o’ the Monday morning to ya! I trust that everyone had a great weekend. If not, I will arrange a do over in about five days.
For me, the weekend was relaxing and ended with an employee appreciation lunch at my part-time gig. Brantley was working, so I took Luke with me. As you might have imagined, Luke rocked that party, even choosing to keep his sunglasses on indoors. I helped set up, and when I walked back over to Luke I overheard the end of a conversation he was having with my bosses husband. Luke closed with, “…and so that’s how I got a crack in my booty.”
Judging by the puzzled look on the gentleman’s face I could tell he had no idea what Luke had said. Crisis averted. However, I wish I had heard the entire conversation because I too, would love to know how that happened.

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