When It Rains, It Pours…In My House

Yesterday morning started out better than most Monday mornings. I woke up without having to be shaken, and I even spoke to my family before my usual thirty-minute silent period. I had a load of laundry going in the washing machine and left Luke (3 yrs. old) upstairs with his trains while I went downstairs to empty the dishwasher.
He immediately called down and requested apple juice, and I obliged on the condition that he come retrieve it. I was a proud Mom as he told me, “thank you.” Luke then headed back upstairs, but before he got to the staircase he noticed his Play-Do machine in the floor. “Mom, can we pwease pway wif pway-do?”
“Of course,” I said as I helped him open all the containers. I was actually thinking about what a great day it was, and that I wouldn’t freak out (this time) if he mixed the Play-Do colors together. About an hour later he grew tired of Play-Do and we started up the stairs. “What’s that sound?” I asked.
“Wook, Mom! It’s waining in my house!” It was, indeed. I flew up the stairs and straight into his bathroom where I discovered the bathroom faucet running full blast and the drain closed. I was standing in half an inch of water. I unplugged the drain, turned off the faucet, and began throwing towels all over the floor. Then, I remembered the living room.  I ran back downstairs to find water pouring from the ceiling onto the floor.
I grabbed a garbage can and recycling bins to catch the falling water, then ran back upstairs. That’s where I found Luke splashing around in the bathroom like he was singing in the freakin’ rain. I sent him to his room and called his father and the insurance company, but the damage was done.  When the emergency clean up crew arrived three hours later, the ceiling downstairs was beginning to buckle.
(One of several)
All of the commotion wore Luke out so he decided to take a nap. I resented this a little (a lot), but knew it was best if he didn’t see me losing my mind. When he woke up he was scalding hot. I took his temperature, and my fears were confirmed. 102.6 degrees, but we couldn’t leave the house and go to the doctor due to the necessary work being done on our home.
(The Water Bandit)
I made him an appointment for this morning, where he was diagnosed with Hand, Foot and Mouth virus. Awesome. When we returned home we were met with the owner of the reconstruction company who told me we were going to need a new ceiling, new carpet padding upstairs, steam cleaning of the old carpet upstairs, and refinishing of the downstairs floor. This can’t happen, of course, until the ceiling dries out which will probably take a couple more days. Then they will paint.
(These fans make so much noise that you can’t hear the garbage disposal.)
So for now we remain banished to three rooms of our house. The good news is they are the most important rooms- Luke’s bedroom, the master bedroom, and the kitchen. I realize that there ARE bigger problems in the world, but I feel as though the old adage is true. What doesn’t kill you…cripples you instead, and really, really pisses you off.
Keepin’ it real and makin’ it rain.

PS: How was your Monday?? I would LOVE to feel better by comparison.

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