20 to Life (With Time Off for Sharing)

Brace yourselves because I’m about to drop a bomb. Luke received his first time-out in preschool this week. It’s taken me several days to come to terms with this enough to write about it. Where did he learn that it was ok to spit? (I blame rap music.)
Believe me when I say that the buck stops here. Today’s time-out is tomorrow’s juvey, and we all know there’s nothing hokey about the pokey.

One thought on “20 to Life (With Time Off for Sharing)

  • Having been through it all, I sometimes have to remind myself you’re just getting started :
    But you (and Luke) will be fine. You’ve got more on the ball than most parents I’ve seen.
    My son didn’t start spitting till high school when it was mandated by his peers to be accepted as a straight male (manly man)…such rights of passage which I seemed to have avoided and still survived :)

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