Motherhood and The White Powder

I like to talk a big game. I try to portray myself as a super Mom who doesn’t take any flack from her three and a half year old, but it’s time for me to come clean. It is with great disappointment that I admit to you today that I’m not as awesome as you thought. I’ll pause briefly while you catch your breath.
The truth is I’m as imperfect as my son. While I don’t necessarily flood the house, or ride our dog, I certainly have ugly moments. One such moment came two days ago when Luke was being reprimanded. He looked right at my face, and with his sweet little duck lips said, “I don’t wike you.” Normal Lori would’ve ignored him, and walked away, but I wasn’t normal Lori that day. I was sleep deprived Lori, and sleep deprived Lori said, “Backatcha, punk.” He thought it was funny, but still, not my best moment.

However, yesterday I may have redeemed myself in all aspects of motherhood with a little help from my friends. The past few weeks Luke has been experiencing nightmares. He wakes up screaming several times a night, usually four or five times hence sleep-deprived Lori, requiring me to comfort and sit with him until he goes back to sleep. When the sun came up yesterday morning I was finished. I knew I couldn’t do this another night. I decided to make a few calls, and put into play what some would call a big, fat white lie.

I made two calls. The first was to Elizabeth, the nurse at his pediatrician’s office, and the second was to Cheryl, the pharmacy technician at CVS. Because they are awesome, they were both on board with my plan. I walked Luke into his doctor’s office, and he immediately began spilling his guts to Candi, the receptionist. “Miss Candi, I got some bad dweams about the scary bear, and the wolf. They locked-ed me in a cage and I got wost.” I know, right? I’d be scared too.

Elizabeth called us back and explained to Luke that she was writing a prescription for some Magical Dream Dust that would keep away all bad dreams. Luke listened intently as she explained how to use it. “You shake it at bedtime, and sprinkle it around your bed.”

Our next step was to go to CVS and get our “prescription” filled.  On the way there I prayed a little prayer, “Please God, don’t let me get pulled over with a zip lock baggy of baby powder in my front seat.” Cheryl met us at the drive through window where I passed her the Rx along with the bag of goods. She returned a minute or so later, and explained how it would keep the scary bear and wolf away. Luke bought it hook, line and sinker.

When bed time came around last night he helped me sprinkle magic dust all around his bed. I still had to sit in the room with him, but he finally went to sleep on his own, without crying a bucket of tears. Awesomeness. Many thanks to all who were involved.

(Photo by Keith Glines)

2 thoughts on “Motherhood and The White Powder

  • When The Daughters were about 4-ish, they had bad dreams, too. I bought “sweet dream spray” at wal-mart (they couldn’t read – I thought) and we’d spray the lilac stuff around their beds. One night a very smart Daughter 1 said, “Momma, you know that’s room freshener. No where does it say DREAMS.” What the heck??!?! When’d she learn to read??!?? ;)

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