Loripalooza #Giveaway

Since the Loripalooza merchandise was launched last week I have been overwhelmed with the outpouring of interest and support. What better way to reward my loyal followers than with a giveaway valued at over $100!!
Up for grabs is the complete GPS navigation system, GPS Navigation for Dummies. I’m a huge fan of the Dummies merchandise. Their books have helped me through several trials of life with Bartending for Dummies, Politics for Dummies(redundant), and even Babies for Dummies. The results speak for themselves. Look what a great mom I became! (Probably, more so from the bartending book.)
Since the giveaway value is a little higher this time, the stakes will be as well.
Post a comment on the website telling me
1) an item from the Loripalooza store you’d most like to have, and
2) an item you’d like to give as a gift.
Each person that does this will be entered to win ONE time. You can find the store by going to my website and clicking on “MERCHANDISE.”
By becoming a follower, or referring someone who does, you can be entered an additional time.
***Anyone who purchases something from the store will be entered to win an additional five times!!! Just make sure you post a comment telling me that you did so. 

Contest ends March 28, 2012!!

6 thoughts on “Loripalooza #Giveaway

  • 1- Just subscribed with my new email. I am currently subscribed with my work email, but since I quit my job and my last day is friday, I wlil need Loripalooza more than ever!
    2- i WANT the thermos can cooler- I know most of you think- go with the iphone over because you’ll take that everywhere you go- but let’s face it ladies, I’m way more likely to take a cold can than my iphone….
    3- i want to GIVE- the Treck water bottle to my husband- so he can carry it everywhere and it can be a back up for the cold can…..

  • I want the Boob Talker ladies t-shirt. This is hysterical to me since I’m a mammographer… you know if you’re in healthcare that you size people up upon first glance. .
    I’d love to give the coffee mugs to my co-workers. I think promoting your site at the coffee bar in the AM would bring many smiles around the office!

  • Lori – love the blog. My wife and I enjoy your humorous take on life. We really enjoy your Luke stories – the Modern Family one was hilarious.

    So to enter the contest…
    1. The thermos can cooler
    2. The “stupid baby” onesie – there are some friends of mine who could use that in about 6-7 months…they will appreciate the sentiment

    Keep up the awesome writing.

    Matt Walker

  • Hi, I would like the “stupid baby” maternity t shirt (does it come in pink??). I would gift the “stupid baby” maternity t shirt as well, to my sister! She and I can appreciate such humor–which explains why I enjoy your blog so much.

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