Luke-isms And a Wedding

Lt. to rt: Me, Andrea, Mary Beth, and Loren Leigh
Closer than sisters for over 20 years now.
(Photo by Heather Mays Photography)

About a week ago, Luke and I travelled to Birmingham for a glorious event. One of my best friends, Andrea, was getting married. Luke had heard about the reception to be held afterward, and was quite excited about “going to a dance party.” The tricky part was getting him through the ceremony without a fiasco. I filled my purse with candy and just before the ceremony began, I started handing him Smarties one at a time. Well, I underestimated the amount of candy he could put away, and before the bride even walked down the aisle, my purse was bone dry and little man was not pleased.

“Dat’s it,” he exclaimed. “I’m going to sit with my Uncle Shawn.”
“What? No you’re not.”
“Oh, yes I am.”
“Luke, look around you. This is not our family.”
“It’s not?”

Now, I will say that as a mom I’m pretty proud to have a son that’s colorblind, but I’m also a little concerned to have a son that’s THAT colorblind.
He got over it once the music started, and before you could say, “I now pronounce you man and wife,” he was break dancing into the next week.

Mary Beth doesn’t like to break dance. What a square!
“How much longer ’til I get to dance?”
Congratulations to Andrea and Eric!!!

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