How a Mississippi Road Trip Turned Into Three Way

Luke and I are freshly back from a weekend trip to visit friends in Greenwood, MS. We stayed with my long-time friend and super author, Robin O’Bryant. (If you haven’t read Ketchup is a Vegetable: And Other Lies Moms Tell Themselves, then do yourself a favor and order it on Amazon today.)
Luke and I had an amazing time there. Robin’s husband took Luke to a farm where he got to ride in a combine while they harvested corn. He’s still talking about it. “Mom, there wath corn EVERYWHERE!”

Aubrey, Emma, Luke and Sadie

All weekend Luke played with Robin’s three girls while Robin and I drank wine and snort laughed. On Saturday before going to the delta, we visited TurnRow Book Company in downtown Greenwood where Luke lost his mind and had to be carried out kicking and screaming. I told him he couldn’t go back inside unless he was going to apologize to the owner. He refused, so we sat in the car for half an hour while everyone else shopped. I couldn’t help feeling like no one won that battle.

You can see it in his eyes. It was about to hit the fan.

Before we knew it, Sunday morning rolled around and it was time to say farewell. I may have cried a little. “Get it together, woman,” Robin said. So I did. The drive home turned out to be extremely long- much longer than the drive to Greenwood had been.

We were driving along through West Tennessee when we passed through the sleepy little town of Three Way. It was about the size of a postage stamp and I wondered if I had read the name right. A quick google search upon arriving home confirmed my suspicion. As it turns out, Three Way, Tennessee became a city in 1998 and has a population of (almost) two-thousand people. What on earth could a person do for fun in a town that size? Well, according to their events page they’re scheduled to have their annual “Three Way Festival,” on September 29th. So remember, if you’re in West Tennessee on September 29th, and you’re looking for a good time, you should head on over to the Three Way Festival where the man at the ticket booth can expect to hear from quite a few people, “Can I get a refund? I thought this was going to be something else entirely.”.

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