I check Luke’s folder every day after school to see what treasured artwork he has brought home. Sometimes it’s great, but other times I can tell he didn’t give it his all. Those are the ones that go straight into the garbage. Just kidding. Or, am I? I am not.

Last week I found this in his folder. I was totally impressed. I said, “Oh my goodness, Lucas! This is wonderful. I love the colors. It makes me feel like I’m in a garden. Is that a letter “H” there, and a “U” over there?”
He slapped his hands over his eyes, then quickly snatched the picture out my hands in disgust. “Mom,” he shouted, pointing to the middle of the page. “This. Is. A. Chicken!!!”
“What a shitty chicken,” I thought to myself. “Well you know what, buddy? I have a special place that’s just perfect for a chicken like this.”

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