And The Tony For Best Improv Goes To…

Luke started acting classes at the Nashville Children’s Theater today. He’s a little outgoing so Brantley and I thought we’d throw him out there and see if we could get a return on our investment. Only time will tell. In the meantime, it was fun watching him pretend to be different things as instructed by the teacher. At one point, however, Brantley did whisper in my ear, “He does this at home for free.” “Yeah he does,” I said. “But when we’re in a theater it’s art, so shut up.”

The teacher instructed the children to have a “pretend argument” with their parents over not wanting to take a bath. Luke’s argument was pretty solid, “Pirates don’t take baaafs,” but when Brantley didn’t back down Luke thumped him squarely on the nose. Knowing full well that no one had instructed them to become physical if the situation called for it, I teared up over having just witnessed my baby’s first ever improvisation. I was one proud Mama.

Note the perfect thumping form of his fingers.
Maybe he should play piano, instead…

On the way out I slipped the teacher a five and whispered, “Put us on the Bieber fast track to fame.” So be on the look out for that to happen within the next week.

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