When I started feeling poorly last week I assumed I was dealing with the same virus Luke had been battling, so I put off going to the doctor at all. A few days later he was a lot better and I was not. When Friday rolled around I knew it was time to give in.

I’m such an attentive mother that when we got out of the car at my doctor’s office I was surprised to see Luke wearing pajama pants and one of my headbands. I felt badly enough that it barely registered on my care-ometer. However, the look on my face must have said enough because he immediately offered, “It keeps my hair out of my eyes.”

When we walked into the office there was one other person in the waiting room. Luke couldn’t handle the silence.

“So my name is Wucas, also known as Wuke. This is my Mom. She’s name is Wori. She has a sore froat and diarrhea, so that’s pretty gross.”

I went from wanting to die, to wondering if I already had and gone to hell. Luke was quickly given a blue raspberry Slush Puppy from the receptionist, so that kept him quiet for a little while. By the way, if your doctor’s office doesn’t have a free Slush Puppy machine, then you need to change providers.

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