Father-Son Time: #MensHealth Workout

Since my husband, Brantley changed jobs a month ago he has struggled to find time in the evenings to workout AND spend time with his family. Both of these things are very important to him. In case you don’t recall, he went on a mission to get healthy three years ago and lost 110 pounds. Since then, maintaining his weight, and thus having the energy to play with our son has been a priority. 

By the time 5:30pm rolls around our son, Luke is bursting at the seams to be with his Dad. No sooner does Brantley walk in the door does Luke jump from the sofa onto his Dad’s back and start rattling off the millions of things he’s been dying to tell him. 

Well, my clever husband came up with an idea that I first thought sounded absurd. “Let’s go do one of my workouts, Luke.” 

Who says you can’t get a decent workout while spending time with your five-year-old? I did, actually. In fact I said it several times, but it took seeing it to believe it. 

As it turns out, the Men’s Health 15-Minute Abs, Arms & Chest Workout DVD is varied and short enough to hold my son’s focus. Also, a water bottle is a great substitute for a heavy dumbbell.

Now every evening they burn off some steam while I get to check my email, finish making dinner, or make a phone call without hearing, “Mom, Mom, hey Mom!”


(I wasn’t supposed to write about Brantley’s dramatic weight loss, so don’t click HERE to read more about it.)

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