Thanks Again, #PBS For Setting Standards Too High

Just when I thought it was safe to let my five-year-old son watch any of the PBS cartoons I was seriously let down. 

Luke came in my bedroom this morning and said, “Hey Mom, I learned a song on Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood. It goes like this, ‘Grown-ups always come baaaack.”

“Luke, look at me. Did Daniel Tiger really say that?”

“Yep, that’s what he said.” (skips away)

It was before 8AM and thus I hadn’t had my morning coffee. This is when I am at my absolute worst- mentally, emotionally, aesthetically

I was furious. As if I don’t have enough stress on me as a parent, now I have to worry about that elitist, sumbitchin tiger telling my kid that I’ll never forget to pick him up for school. Not today.

“Hey Luke,” I called out. 


“Change the TV to Sponge Bob and go turn on Mommy’s coffee maker, please.”

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