Welcome to Loripalooza- Where Funny Rocks!© This comedic based blog was created out of the need to laugh and because the news is a terrible, sad wasteland that we should all avoid.

I’m Lori Wescott- a thirty something freelance writer, author and humorist residing in Music City. You may have seen me in Awkward Smoking Pictures©, or read my scribblings in various books, newspapers and magazines. I was named Trophy Wife of The Year for eleven straight years according to one website (this one). It would’ve been twelve had it not been for #Kimye.

I wear several different occupational hats (although not all at once). The result is an array of blogging topics that can range from nursing, medicine, parenting, wifing, sports, music and just plain old living to name a few. As you will see, these vastly different subjects share a common thread of hilarity.

What else is there to say? I enjoy very short walks on the beach and spending time with wine. I don’t have the fine motor skills to properly braid hair, or use chopsticks. I have an unhealthy fear of quicksand and matching socks makes me want to cut myself. That’s about it, y’all.

Sit back and enjoy it.

*Feel free to email me at loriwescott@comcast.net