10 Years Married And We’re Both A Little Better

It’s hard to believe that I married Brantley Wescott ten years ago today, and even more unbelievable that those ten years were intersected with a perfect fifth year event marking the birth of our little professor.  

A lot has changed in these ten years and yet, not a lot has changed.

I can cook a little better. Brantley communicates a little better. And everyday, we parent Luke a little better

We’ve never strived for marital perfection because it doesn’t exist. In fact, there have been times when we were so far from perfection that we wouldn’t know it if we saw it. Those are the times we can now look back on and appreciate what we have, and what we’ve built together. 

I think I’ll mark myself down for ten more. How could I not? Look at him! Oooh-weee, I’d take a bullet for that sweet ass!!

Look at that face in the middle. Handsome enough
to be a part-time model. 

Happy Anniversary!! A Marriage Nine Years In the Making

On May 10th, 2003 Brantley Wescott made the smartest decision of his life by way of marrying me. Congratulations to him on managing to hang on to me for nine long years.
The following is a poem that, I think, sums up our marriage thus far.

I was twenty when we met, and I asked him on a date,
But he almost blew it, showing up an hour late.
We were babies when we married, although we felt quite grown.
23 and 26, our wild oats not even sewn.
Five years later we found out that we had a baby brewin’.
Then along came a Lucas, who did my pelvis ruin.
Nine years we’ve been married now. It’s come and gone so fast.
Suck it, all you haters who said we wouldn’t last.
Now times are even better. Can’t wait to see what else is in store.
I think we’ll stick it out and see at least a few years more.
I wouldn’t change a thing, even if I had the chance, because
He still fits me better than my favorite sweat pants.
He’s my best friend and husband who romances me with the quip,
“Why spend money on a divorce when we can use it to take a trip.”
The Wescott’s 2011
Being a good Dad.
Now, here are some pictures of him with his clothes off.
Handsome enough to be a part-time sock model. Can anyone else say that about their husband?
Not him, but someone on a cereal box that resembles him.

I’m also going to include the Thunderballs video to give you an idea of what he’s like in a live action (surveillance) situation.

Happy anniversary, Brantley Wescott! And, don’t ever make me angry.

Happy Anniversary!

I dropped Brantley off at the dermatologist on Friday, and as he was walking in the door I shouted out the car window. “Hey, good luck with that rash!”

He later explained to me that he is immune to my embarrassment and that the only rash he has is the one resulting from our seven year itch. Ouch!

In a related story, he and I got married seven years ago today, thus beginning the best years of his life.

Happy anniversary to the best husband ever!! Thank you for putting up with my lousy housework, my big mouth, and my constant need to “get my way.” Also, thanks for putting up with the way I wait for you around a corner, then jump out and scream in your face to scare you. (Nothing makes me laugh harder than hearing you scream like a girl.) Thanks for constantly giving me material to write about and giving me your blessing to actually put it on the internet. Also, thanks for not getting too mad when I hide the remote on purpose and laugh while you search around the room for it.

I should probably take this opportunity to apologize for writing, “ink poisoning kills” directly on the fruit you take to work in your lunch. That reminds me, thanks for cooking all the time, too. But mostly, thanks for not divorcing me yet. I love you!!!!