Awkward Smoking Stationery: For When You Care Enough to Send Anything That Will Do

I’ve had many suggestions on ways to get Awkward Smoking Pictures into your hot little hands and several of you requested that I make trading cards. While that’s not a bad idea, I think that stationery and posters might be a good place to start. 

As of today there will be a link in the menu of my website entitled, “Store.” By clicking there you will be rerouted to the Loripalooza store hosted by 

Once there you’ll find gems such as these.

This “Get well soon” card is perfect for when a loved one is sick,
 but not really sick enough to be whining so badly.
This card will definitely give your loved one some perspective.
*Highly appropriate for dealing with man colds.*

Think you have to give up mediocrity to achieve greatness?
Think again.
Thumb your nose at overachievers with this
inspirational poster of a smoker winning a race.

Your loved ones will always know that you’re thinking of
them when they receive this unforgettable reminder.

Inspire others with this motivational poster.
Appropriate for every locker room in America.

This Mother’s Day make sure to thank your Mom for
all the sacrifices she’s made with this one of a kind card.

These are just a few of the items that you’ll find in the store. Click here and have a looky-loo. Happy hunting.

Why Awkward Smoking Pictures?

In recent years the Food and Drug Administration and the Surgeon General have spoken out vehemently of the dangers of smoking. Because of this, a major shift has taken place in our society. Locales that once welcomed smokers are no longer so agreeable. This has left renegade smokers to seek out a smoking refuge in shame. Due to the harsh conditions forced upon smokers it won’t be long before the habit dies out completely, leaving our future ancestors nothing but fossilized cigarette butts and ash trays to hint that there had ever been a habit. Please join us as we pay homage to what may one day be the lost art of smoking.


All  of the Awkward Smoking Pictures were taken by the super talented Emma Nathews of Emily Dean Photography. I’m excited to announce that she will soon be making a stop in Nashville. Details to come.