Why Awkward Smoking Pictures?

In recent years the Food and Drug Administration and the Surgeon General have spoken out vehemently of the dangers of smoking. Because of this, a major shift has taken place in our society. Locales that once welcomed smokers are no longer so agreeable. This has left renegade smokers to seek out a smoking refuge in shame. Due to the harsh conditions forced upon smokers it won’t be long before the habit dies out completely, leaving our future ancestors nothing but fossilized cigarette butts and ash trays to hint that there had ever been a habit. Please join us as we pay homage to what may one day be the lost art of smoking.


All  of the Awkward Smoking Pictures were taken by the super talented Emma Nathews of Emily Dean Photography. I’m excited to announce that she will soon be making a stop in Nashville. Details to come.

Blog Redesign Complete!!

Hello to everyone and I hope you are well. The Loripalooza blog redesign is complete!! If you’re reading this in an email format, please venture over to the site and check out the new look created by Andrea, at AKay Web Design. Andrea was a dream to work with and I highly recommend her for all of your website/blog needs.

I’m also excited to tell you about a new project that I co-created with my best friend, Loren Leigh Baggett. “Awkward Smoking Pictures” are soon to be released and pretty much speak for themselves. Normal activities become not-so-normal when you add a lit cigarette to the scenario. We were lucky enough to score uber photographer Emma Nathews of Emily Dean Photography. She generally operates out of the Birmingham area and does beautiful work. Is this job beneath her? Yes it is, but I can be persuasive.

So get going to the website and let me know what you think!

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I’m Lori Wescott- a thirty something freelance writer, author and humorist residing in Music City. You may have seen me in Awkward Smoking Pictures, various newspapers, and in Chicken Soup for the Soul: Family Matters. Also, I’ve been named Trophy Wife of the Year for ten years running according to one website (this one). I’m most proud of that accomplishment.

When I’m not writing humor, I’m usually writing music reviews for newspapers, falling down in public, or taking care of my adorable ginger son, Luke.

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