Backstreet’s Back! Kind of…

Last week provided me with some much needed R&R, and time away from the mess that is our house. If you haven’t been following the blog, then allow me to summarize the last couple of weeks for you. My son, Luke (3 yrs. old), flooded the upstairs sink causing it to rain in the living room. Suffice it to say that after a lot of clean up, the house is livable, but not cozy.
Perfect time to take a vacation? You bet your buns it was. Some friends drove down to meet us in Florida mid-week, which allowed for catching up and reminiscing, both of which are very important. Luke really enjoyed playing in the ocean, and was moderately well behaved, except for the last two days, which we won’t discuss. In summary, a purr-fect week.
I don’t want your emails telling me that I’m holding the paddle incorrectly.  And, yes Luke is crying.
There was even some free entertainment in the way of the next-door neighbors. “Who,” might you ask, “were you lucky enough to be in such close quarters with?” None other than the once famed Backstreet Boy, Brian Littrel. Although to be quite honest, we should probably now call them Backstreet Men, but I digress.
Backstreet Boys. Brian Littrel is on far left. 

Mr. Littrel and his entourage vacationed harder than anyone I’ve ever seen. In fact, every morning I would clean up the beach after their late night vacationing. If I was smarter (which I’m not) I would’ve saved those empty beer cans, bottles of water, and Dixie cups to auction them off on EBay. I could have scored at least three or four dollars.
I nicknamed his wife, Tits Littrel, for reasons that I am too classy to discuss. Do you get where I’m going with this? Are you feeling me? She had some tig ol’ bitties, okay.
Well, it became quite apparent day after day that it was Mrs. Littrel’s job to drink heavily and be perky 24-7. In fact, one day while they were on the beach in front of God, families with children, and a couple of dolphins, she commenced giving Backstreet Boy a lap dance. Have you ever seen a dolphin throw up?  I have.
Later, she sauntered around in the waves and did a slow stripper walk while Backstreet Boy photographed. Like watching a train wreck in slow motion we could not turn away. Neither could their kid.
Enjoy the photo, but before you shake your head at me for snapping it, please understand that no one has ever wanted to be noticed and photographed more than these people, right down to their overtly ostentatious vehicle (a Hummer with a black and white toile pattern and purple writing).
This photo was taken right after his body guard wallowed in Luke’s sand pit.