Luke (3 1/2 yrs.) has become very interested in the subject of marriage this week.
“Mom, am I meh-weed?”
“No, you’re not married.”
“Oh, good.”
Proof positive that men are born into this world with the presumption that marriage is something to be avoided.

Practicing being married

Yesterday I remarked to Baxter (our bi-curious Yorkie) that if he ran into the woods one more time he would be eaten by a coyote. Luke saw fit to correct me. “Mom it’s pwo-nounced kwy-woah-tay. Try it again.”
*sigh* “Kwy-woah-tay.”
“Good job, Mom.”

Baxter’s World

I offer you a glimpse into Baxter’s world.
A world where the trees are bountiful with squirrels, and tug of war lasts all day.
A world fragrant with the scent of a stale turd.
Where breath is so bad it makes everyone want to stick their head out the window.
A world where it’s perfectly acceptable to stand in the Little Harpeth River with your tail upstream, head downstream, and drink while simultaneously urinating.
Where naps are long, the bathroom is anywhere, and a good meal is had by standing under Luke’s chair at the kitchen table.
Oh, what a world. We should all be so lucky.