Loripalooza #Giveaway

Since the Loripalooza merchandise was launched last week I have been overwhelmed with the outpouring of interest and support. What better way to reward my loyal followers than with a giveaway valued at over $100!!
Up for grabs is the complete GPS navigation system, GPS Navigation for Dummies. I’m a huge fan of the Dummies merchandise. Their books have helped me through several trials of life with Bartending for Dummies, Politics for Dummies(redundant), and even Babies for Dummies. The results speak for themselves. Look what a great mom I became! (Probably, more so from the bartending book.)
Since the giveaway value is a little higher this time, the stakes will be as well.
Post a comment on the website telling me
1) an item from the Loripalooza store you’d most like to have, and
2) an item you’d like to give as a gift.
Each person that does this will be entered to win ONE time. You can find the store by going to my website and clicking on “MERCHANDISE.”
By becoming a follower, or referring someone who does, you can be entered an additional time.
***Anyone who purchases something from the store will be entered to win an additional five times!!! Just make sure you post a comment telling me that you did so. 

Contest ends March 28, 2012!!

Winners of Album Giveaway!!

I had planned on giving away five CDs to some lucky readers, but that would have left one lonely person without one. So I’ve decided to be generous and give one to everyone who entered to win.

Congratulations to
Mary Beth
the Lejseks

Please email me your mailing addresses and I will put them in the mail this week.

Thanks for playing!!!

Trainwrecks and Pink Clouds- Album Giveaway!!

She has been called, “Country Music’s first painted lady.” Mitzi Dawn is a well-known songwriter in the country music industry, and is soon to be releasing her first solo album on Valentine’s Day. The album, Trainwrecks and Pink Clouds is labeled as Americana, but if that doesn’t ring a bell for you, think folk-ternative.

Loripalooza is going to be giving away her album BEFORE it’s available for purchase. All you have to do is leave a comment on the blog (email replies don’t count, sorry) with the words,
“I want Mitzi Dawn’s album, Trainwrecks and Pink Clouds.”

Easy enough. Five lucky winners will be chosen at random and receive the album in the mail.
The contest ends January 22, 2012.

After watching the video, my sister asked, “Is that really her boyfriend?” The answer is no. Mitzi is actually engaged to someone much better looking, who is also an AMAZING, classically trained violinist. 

If you’d like to know more about her, and her journey toward this album, click HERE to read the article I wrote for the Murfreesboro News Press. Did you click it? I’ll know if you didn’t.

And the Winner Is…

Thanks to all of you who posted comments, and reposted details of the giveaway. Believe it or not, comments and followers are a big part of what I’m judged on in the eyes of a literary agent/publisher. Please, keep them coming and look for future giveaways.

The winner of the Pampered Chef giveaway to Help Whip Breast Cancer is…Carrie!

Thanks again for visiting Molly Wright’s Pampered Chef website, and keep her in mind for your PC needs.

Blog Giveaway- One Week Left!

There is one week left before I draw to choose the winner of the newly released Chicken Soup for the Soul: Family Matters. So far, there are only three people in the running so you still have a good chance of winning. Click HERE to read all of the rules and to find out how to easily be entered to win FIVE times.
In order to win you must be a blog follower. Here are the instructions on how to do that.

1. Go to http://www.loripalooza.com/.
2. Click on FOLLOW with google friend connect (top right side of page)
3. Click on create a new Google account
4. Complete the required information
5. Click I accept. Create my account.
6. Click on Follow this blog (Loripalooza should be at the top of this page)
7. You will get the congratulations page then click close.
Now, you are logged into Loripalooza.

In the future to log in:
Go to http://www.loripalooza.com/
Click on Sign In (top right of page)

Happy Monday and good luck!