#SimonCowell Birth Coach

Well, well, well, it appears that Simon Cowell is going to be a father. News reports have just surfaced that the former American Idol judge is expecting a little-one with the wife of his long-time friend and real estate developer, Andrew Silverman. 

I’m hoping Mom-to-be, Lauren Silverman has thick skin. One can only imagine what Simon Cowell will be like in the delivery room. 



After being taught to act like a gentleman and say, “After you. Ladies first.”-
“No, Mom! It’s after you. MANS first.”

“Hey Mom, Baxter painted the back door. It wasn’t me.”
“Lucas, don’t tell a lie. That would be impossible.”
“Nuffing’s impossible.”
(Sadly, Baxter sensed danger in being thrown under the bus and instinctively put himself in his crate.)

Luke shown here wiping paint off the door.