I Can See Clearly Now. The Shame is Gone.

I’ve spent well over a year watching my car’s rear window tint bubble up and wrinkle into something almost impossible to see out of. I made a couple of appointments to have it replaced, but had to cancel both times due to other obligations. Something always came up that had just a tad bit more priority than driving safety. 

The way the tint looked from the inside made every white vehicle behind me look like a police car. This was a constant source of anxiety for me because, just between me and you, I have a pack of cigs I use for Awkward Smoking Pictures hidden in a secret compartment in my car. I only discovered this compartment a few moths ago, and ever since the [*whisper voice*] cigarettes were put in there I feel like I’m carrying drugs around. Constantly thinking there is a policeman in your rear view mirror is not cool when you’re ridin’ dirty. 
No, it was a Nissan Sentra. *Note-Both of these photos were taken on clear, sunny days.
Just four days ago, I dropped my car off at X-treme window tint in Franklin, TN. They had my car finished in under two hours. During that time they managed to remove what they referred to as the, “dead tint,” because once it starts to bubble it no longer serves its purpose at blocking the sun, and replaced it with smooth, normal looking tint.

I felt fancier than the Duchess of Cambridge and said goodbye to all of my old, poor friends.

Not only does it look better from the outside, but I can see as clear as a bell when I glance into my rear view mirror. Sure, I’m still riding dirty with smokes hidden in my car, but now that I can tell what’s behind me I’m a little less paranoid about it.

What I can see in my rear view mirror now on a cloudy day! Ahhh…