My Unlikely BFF, Mary Todd Lincoln

Not only was Mary Todd Lincoln the wife of President Abraham Lincoln during an extremely tumultuous time in our country, apparently she was also just another overworked mom looking for a babysitter on a Friday night. An article posted by CNN states that a letter penned by the first lady in 1864 has just recently been published. In the letter, she requests child care so she can attend an overnight event with her husband in Baltimore. (Seems like a reasonable request to me.) The article goes on to detail that the first lady missed the event she was hoping to attend, and instead spent the night preparing for the following night’s White House reception.

No he dih-uhnt!

Maybe, just maybe Mary Todd Lincoln’s bad reputation was not completely her fault. History has labeled her dour, self-absorbed and petulant, not to mention mentally unstable, with an over-spending problem for clothing, in particular.

You know who else that sounds like? Me. If she were here today, I just might have a drink with her.