Do We Really Have To Talk About This???

Yeah we do, but it isn’t as bad as ‘the birds and the bees’ talk that you better have with your kids one day. If you don’t you’ll sorrrrrry, but I digress.

This will probably come as a huge surprise to you, but blogging is not the cash cow some people think it to be. I know… I’ll let that soak in for a moment. 

I’ve never monetized, or allowed ads to be placed on Loripalooza before because I felt that it would somehow cheapen my content, or decrease my credibility as a writer. Here’s the thing, though. It doesn’t and it won’t. You know why? I never had much credibility to begin with, and let’s face it– Mama’s got to eat. 

This does not change anything about Loripalooza, or mean that my opinion will now be skewed in any way. It only means that after some of my blog posts you may see an advertisement for one product or another. You can admire it, or just keep scrolling. 

If/when there comes a time that I am offered money to blog about a specific product, I will fully disclose that to you (ex. “Title of blog post: #SponsoredPost”). 

Having said that, all opinions expressed about any paid product will be MY OWN. For example, if a toilet paper company pays me to review their product and after using it I find that it has chafed my hemorrhoids, YOU will be the first to know. End of story. 

All of the product reviews that I have done in the past have been for free and for fun (coconut oil, CC Cream, etc). 

I’m just letting you know that if someone pays me to talk about a product, it will be obvious to all who read it. That’s just being fair to you, my friends and readers. 

Now, to lighten the mood here is one of my favorite pictures of all time. It’s from the photo gallery of an actual carriage company. 
Horse eating out of a dumpster
“Oooh, I hope the horse that pulls us through town smells like garbage.”