Brantley and I are a little leery when it comes to exposing Luke (3) to computer/video games. We realize that there are valuable motor skills learned with some games, but for the most part they just fill up spans of time that should be spent playing outside. Don’t worry. We aren’t going to let Luke be the odd kid that shows up for the first day of school and says, “What’s a video game?” So he’s allowed to play certain ones that are deemed educational.

He and I were playing one such game yesterday. The premise of the game is to count apples, and thus help you practice counting. I noticed that he had gotten pretty good. He added one plus one, and one plus two. Then he got confident. He clicked six apples plus three more. He got discouraged and shook his head.

“It’s ok, Luke. Let’s think about this. What do you get if you have six apples, then you add three more?”
“A big mess. Wet’s go outside.”

(Keith Glines photography)