My Journey to Independence (through a list of parts marked AA-EE)

If you heard crying and swearing coming from my backyard yesterday it’s because with Luke’s help, I put together a fire pit. To be quite honest, his help was minimal and came with a little bit of back-talk so I’m going forward with taking sole credit for this project.

With several sheets of instructions, tools, and many, many parts I was able to complete my task in about two and a half hours. (Please re-read the last sentence for effect.) Not to brag, but I’m a pretty big deal around my house this morning. My husband, Brantley said he was impressed and seemed sincere. His only criticism was, “I can’t believe you used the crappy wrench that came in the box. Classic rookie mistake.”

Half-way finished in this photo, and it was taken
right after I figured out how nuts and  bolts
work together. It makes so much sense now!!

I garnered so much respect out of this accomplishment that Brantley even sat through half of the telling of my dream from last night. I got all the way through the bear attack and my escape through a koi pond, but not quite to the volley ball tournament before he walked out saying, “Oh my God. I don’t care.” That’s progress, folks and for the record he should NOT ask why I was sleep screaming again unless he is willing to hear the WHOLE story.

Wobbling is cool, right?
Check and mate. Lori- 1. Brantley- 0. 

Bad Dreams

“You’ll never get those sunglasses off.” My niece, Ciara plainly stated.

“Yes, I will!” I tugged and tugged but they were stuck to my face with what seemed like industrial strength cement.

“Didn’t you read the tag that came with them?” she asked. “It said guaranteed NOT to come off.”

“I don’t care what it said. I’m tired of wearing them,” I shouted back.

I awoke from the dream with a start. The strange thing was, my arms actually felt tired. It was as if I had really struggled while I was dreaming. That’s when I looked down and saw the nose splint that had previously been affixed to my freshly fractured and post-operative nose. It was resting in my hands, and my hands in my lap.

I jumped out of bed after realizing what I had done. “I ripped it off! I ripped it off!” I shouted. Brantley finally rolled over and removed his ear plugs. “Why did you do that?” he asked.

“I was dreaming, Brantley. I thought I was wearing sunglasses and I ripped it off like the freaking Incredible Hulk!”

He rolled BACK over. “You have the weirdest dreams.”

All of this excitement occurred before 6:45 this morning. So now, we wait for my 9:30 appointment with the surgeon. Happy Wednesday.