In his 4-year old brain, Luke thinks everyone is supposed to have their own bedroom. Our master bedroom where his father and I sleep is “Mommy’s room.” The guest bedroom is “Daddy’s room,” and of course Luke has his own room.

Brantley and I have explained to him a million times that it isn’t just Mommy’s room- it’s Mommy AND Daddy’s room. These conversations have all been pointless and you’re about to find out why.

My long-time friend, Robin O’bryant was in town for a speaking engagement, and was staying with us. Luke LOVES her and all day long I had been hearing, “Is Miss Robin here yet?” “Where’s Miss Robin?” When is Miss Robin going to get here?” “Is Miss Robin going to bring she’s girls?”

When Robin finally arrived, he looked at her numerous heavy bags, turned on the chivalry, and offered to carry her pillow upstairs to her room. “You’re going to be sweeping in my Daddy’s room,” he told her.

“Um Lori,” she laughed. “Is there something we need to talk about?”

The “Mommy and Daddy share a bedroom and that’s why they sleep in the same bed,” conversation was had AGAIN.

Later that night, Robin read a book to Luke and told him goodnight. As soon as she gave him a kiss and left the room he started getting antsy and restless.


“What is it, buddy?”

“I sure do wish I could sleep in that other room with my Dad and Miss Robin.”


After being taught to act like a gentleman and say, “After you. Ladies first.”-
“No, Mom! It’s after you. MANS first.”

“Hey Mom, Baxter painted the back door. It wasn’t me.”
“Lucas, don’t tell a lie. That would be impossible.”
“Nuffing’s impossible.”
(Sadly, Baxter sensed danger in being thrown under the bus and instinctively put himself in his crate.)

Luke shown here wiping paint off the door.


Me: “Luke, did you have fun at school today? Who did you play with?”
Luke: “Yes, I did. I played with Ruby on the swing set. I told her I’m not a gentleman.”
Me: “What? Why did you say that?”
Luke: “Because I not.”
Me: “I know you don’t understand what this means, but I want to be her mother-in-law one day, so don’t mess this up for me, ok.”
Luke: “Ok, Mom.”
Me: “So you’re going to behave like a gentleman, right?”
Luke: “No.”
Me: “Do you know what gentleman means?”
Luke: “Yes, it means hungry for popsicles or ice-cream.”
Me: “Well, actually it means to be polite.”
Luke: “No, I not doing that.”