Mad Cow Disease

Luke became ill this past Sunday. I checked his temperature and found it to be 104.8 degrees. We gave him some Tylenol, Motrin, put him in a cool bath, and called his pediatrician. The office was closed so I left a message with the answering service. No one in our family has ever gotten sick on a weekday.

After talking to his doctor, she reassured us that we were doing everything right. She told us to keep her posted with any changes and to bring him to the office first thing Monday morning.
Upon examining him the next morning, the doctor diagnosed him with “Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease.”

HFMD is a very contagious virus that results in a high fever, rash and blisters in the mouth and throat, as well as on the hands and feet. I asked the doctor to take a look at my throat and was not surprised to hear that I had the same characteristic blisters as Luke. Gross.

We were given our marching orders and went on our way armed with, nothing actually, because with many viruses, there is nothing to do but wait. Not thrilled about beginning our weeklong quarantine, I decided to pass the time by chronicling our adventure.

Note: I have found the name of our diagnosis a bit cumbersome so I have taken to calling it “Mad Cow Disease”. It’s more fun to say.
Mad Cow – Day 1

Luke is crabby and so am I.
We arrive home from doctor after hitting a drive thru for some lunch. I realize we are out of ketchup and almost cry. Neighbor, Molly, recognizes my sadness with her speidey sense and brings me said ketchup. Thanks, Molly.

Later, while I’m cooking dinner Luke opens the pantry door and rips off a shelf label. “What? Where’s your Dad going to put chips/crackers/snacks now Luke?!” Having just snapped at my one year old for wrecking my OCD, I place myself in time out.

Brantley gets home from work early and saves the day. He brings magic mouthwash for my sore throat. How nice, but what’s so magic about it? I take a swig. Abra cadabra, it tastes like crap.

Mad Cow – Day 2

It’s been almost twenty four hours since our solitary confinement began and I’m starting to crack under the pressure of cabin fever. I tell Brantley that I am well enough for a quick trip to the grocery store.
I go to Publix, where shopping really is a pleasure. I lick all the produce, cough on the sushi, get diarrhea and drive home. Mission accomplished…not really.

I attempt to cook supper but tire out during the making of a meatloaf. The phone rings. It’s Carrie and she has cooked supper for us. She makes comfort food and Luke eats a whole meal for the first time in three days. He belches in my face and laughs. Good times.

Mad Cow – Day 3

Brantley is off all day. Hooray! But, unfortunately he’s tired. He apparently sat on a stool too long and read too many Us Weekly’s yesterday at work. Now I’m being mean. It’s the Mad Cow Disease talking.

I take a Sharpie and scribble over “good” on my “Life is Good” t-shirt, replacing it with, “kinda crappy.” Brantley sees me taking a couple of unnecessary whiffs of the marker and gives me a dirty look. “I was just scratching my nose with it.” I tell him. I stomp off to the couch with marker on my nose. Time for a nap.

What will tomorrow bring?? Only time will tell.