It’s Dr. Lori

I awoke this morning with an email from the website, Masters in Counseling. It seems as though Loripalooza has been included in their “50 Best Blogs for Marriage Advice,” where we are listed at number four. Holy self-improvement, Batman! Loripalooza has never looked so legitimate. I feel inspired to do something worthwhile today. I probably wont, but still, I’m inspired.

And, yet there’s the cynic in me that smells the irony in all of this. Is it possible to be entertaining AND therapeutic? And why does irony smell so much like a dirty diaper? Oh wait, that’s something else. I must be going. A mother’s work is never done.

Many thanks to Masters in Counseling. Click HERE to check out the other forty nine winners and get your marriage back on track after burning last night’s dinner. You know who you are.