Road Trip- Birmingham Edition

At my little sister’s behest, I went to Birmingham over the weekend to meet the rest of her bridesmaids. Having vowed not to take Luke on another road trip alone, we were accompanied by my loving baby Daddy. Brantley and Luke dropped me off in Birmingham at my sister’s house, and they proceeded to spend the day with my parents.

Fun was had by all. My older sister, Heather, was there and I got to spend some time with her and Leigh’s other bridesmaids, as well. We went to the downtown art walk, and then went to dinner. There was a lot of talk over where we would eat. Everyone wanted sushi. Then, someone said, “But, Lori doesn’t eat sushi.” Well, I wasn’t about to be the one that killed the whole night. I explained that I had only eaten it a couple of times, and that I just didn’t know what to order. I wasn’t worried about not finding something I liked. Like my son, I will pretty much eat anything. So sushi it was.

I had Heather order something for me because she knows my food likes and dislikes. Our entrees came and I dug in, sort of. It was disgusting. I cannot even describe the tastes and textures that were going on inside my mouth, but I didn’t say a word. “If this is what good sushi tastes like, then I’ll just be polite and eat my food,” I thought to myself. Heather looked over at my plate and asked for a bite. I said “yes,” but was thinking, “Someone, anyone, please take some of this food off my plate.” Heather gagged. “Lori, that’s disgusting. Have you been eating that? That’s really, really bad sushi.” My plate was sent back and I shared with Heather. When you add to that evening one-too-many glasses of wine, the damage to my body had been done.

When I got back to my parent’s house Luke was already asleep, but had an almost constant cough throughout the night. I laid in bed with him and could hear him wheezing from across the bed. He’s allergic to cats- two of which my parents have. However, in the past it has taken several days of exposure to bring him to that point. To make matters worse, we had forgotten (yes, forgotten) his inhaler when we changed suitcases at the last minute. After he had coughed and cried himself awake for the fourth time we decided we had to go home. The time was five-thirty and we had an approximately three and a half hour drive ahead of us.

We said our goodbyes and headed home in the car. What had just been a cramp in my stomach through the night started feeling worse. I have no idea how fast he must have been driving, but Brantley whipped the car into our driveway at 9:43 AM, and that was with four stops for me to throw up.

It was quite a whirlwind trip and I was more glad than ever that I hadn’t had to do it alone. Three cheers for Brantley who can add to his list of talents- blowing Luke’s nose as he sits in the backseat while simultaneously driving a car (with his knee), and holding my hair back.