Luke-isms (Now coming from the mouth of a 5-year-old!!)

My little guy turned five a couple of weeks ago, and just like his Mommy, he managed to stretch out his birthday celebration for almost three weeks. 

He was paid a visit from Aunt Heather and Uncle Sid, who came all the way from Mobile, AL. There was fishing, water balloon fights, and some serious arts and crafts. 

Then came visits from the grandparents!! Luke got to celebrate with each set of grandparents separately. It’s a pretty awesome thing when you have three sets!

Celebrating with friends…

And after all of that celebrating, it was time to settle down and have some snuggle time with his Dad, his dog, and his new stuffed octopus. 

“Guess what I named my octopus, Mom?”

“I have no idea. What did you name it?”

“His name is Octopussy.”

(Mom gets up and leaves room.)

Pinterest, Parties, and Pearls: Elle Turns One

Last month I turned thirty-three and discovered my first gray hairs, but I didn’t lose my cool. It sounds strange, but I feel as though I earned every one of those little gray babies. I’m getting old and I’m ok with it.

Here’s the part where I reflect.

I don’t regret many of my young-life decisions because they taught me a great deal, but if I could go back and change just one thing what would it be? Would it be to have more patience, or compassion? Would it be to work harder? No, if given the chance I would throw a better first birthday party for my son and it would be epic.

Just three years ago we threw Luke’s first birthday party. At the time, I remember thinking it was pretty boss. (Do the cool kids still say that?) Then, last week we went to a relative’s first birthday party that was complete with every Pinteresting detail imaginable. In walked regret complete with tutu and pearls.

I came home and sifted through old photos determined to find something from that first birthday that would be of equal or greater value to what I had just witnessed. This is what I found.

The photo quality is poor because it was probably taken on a four, or five-year-old camera phone (add to list of regrets), but the sentiment isn’t lost. There stands my better half groping the bosom of a cardboard cut-out at our only son’s Hawaiian luau-themed first birthday party. 

Why don’t you look at some other pictures while I snot-bubble cry, okay?

Drum roll, please. I give you…
Elle’s First Birthday
-Love a nice entry-
-This is mostly where I hung out-
-Beautiful cake, but also note that no one is being groped in these photos-
-clipped to the blinds were “A Year of Firsts” in photo-
-Pearl detail on the refreshment bin-
-The only time at the party that she didn’t act like a lady involved cake-
Is it wrong to want a do-over kid just so I can throw a better party for him/her? I’m sure kids are born every day for worse reasons than that. Quick! Someone tie my tubes!!

Engagement Fiesta-palooza

Saturday night we hosted an engagement fiesta for my brother-in-law and his lovely fiancé. As far as I know, it went off without a hitch. However, if you were there and happened to notice any hitches just keep it to yourself. We ended up having right at fifty people in attendance, and the weather couldn’t have been nicer. The Mexican fare was amazing and the thanks for that goes entirely to Molly Wright of Sweet William Celebrations.

I promised pictures, so here you go.

Keeping it classy, as always.

Invitation. On a matte. In a frame.
Outdoor seating in the daylight. Hard to tell,
but there are fifty lanterns hanging on the fence and trees.
Nothing caught on fire.
Craft table where the kids got to decorate maracas. 
This is a table. (I’m great at writing captions.) 
My cute husband.
The happy couple.
Leland and Alyssa, aka Lelyssa
Amazing cakes by Molly Wright

Hard to believe that no one got traveler’s diarrhea from such an authentically Mexican party. As an added bonus, I didn’t drink to intoxication as I tend to do when I’m nervous about hosting a party. This officially makes me an adult. How do you say, “Winning,” in Spanish?


Luke’s preschool had their Thanksgiving pageant and party this afternoon. Not to my surprise, Luke wasn’t much on participation. He immediately ripped off his decorative Native American vest fashioned out of a brown paper bag, and threw down his feathered hat. Then, I had to sit in front of fifty people while securing him in position (held him down) as the kids sang a song about turkeys. He actually didn’t sing much, but he cut his eyes at me with a slight grin on his face which told me that he was enjoying himself. I was glad.
After the show it was time to eat. We got in line and while standing in front of the dessert table, Luke grew impatient and stuck his entire face into an iced carrot cake. Yes, it had nuts in it, and yes, he’s still alive. Then, he sat still long enough to stuff himself silly. The only thing that kid can be serious about is food.
After that, we helped clean up and headed out. I had to make one stop at the post office before we started home. There was a package that needed mailing. Despite my efforts to hurry Luke along, he sauntered through the parking lot and in the door as slowly as he could. I addressed the package and sealed it up. Now, all we had to do was wait our turn, but Luke had already proven once today that he wasn’t a good waiter. That’s when suddenly and without warning, he licked the garbage can that stood in the lobby. It seemed to have happened in slow motion, and much like a bad dream, I couldn’t intervene in time. Before snatching him up and reprimanding him, I caught a glimpse of the sticky brown substance he had just imbibed. Could it be anthrax, glue, or perhaps liquid cooties? I guess we won’t know until his fever spikes.
Have the holidays really just begun? Please someone, wake me when Santa leaves.