Emily Dean Photography Comes to Nashville!!

Photographer, Emma Nathews
When the idea to shoot Awkward Smoking Pictures  was born, there were two goals in mind. The first, was to create hilarious photos of awkward situations. The second, was to ensure that we used a photographer that would make us look good in the process. Meet Emma Nathews, of Emily Dean Photography.   
Emma is a photographer that I’ve known for many years. So many years, in fact, that we have quite a bit of dirt on each other. However, due to the threat of mutual destruction, I’ll be keeping my mouth shut unless the right price comes along.
I knew Emma was famous for her breathtaking photos and her ability to capture the essence of a child in a single, still photograph. I also knew that asking her to be the Awkward Smoking Pictures photographer was slightly beneath her. Maybe it was her great sense of humor, maybe it was the pity in my voice, or just maybe it was due to some of the aforementioned dirt, but she agreed to come on board and I was ecstatic. 
I am so excited to tell you that Emma will be coming to Nashville next week to shoot more Awkward Smoking Pictures!!  Without giving too much away, I’ll say that we have some exciting locations set up thanks to some good friends in the community. 
In between ASP photo shoots, Emma will be available for forty-minute photo sessions to you, the public. The cost is $175 and would include digital copies of all of the images, along with a signed release. If you’re interested in booking a session while she’s here on April 3rd and 4th, please let me know as soon as possible. You can email me at loriwescott@comcast.net. Bookings will be on a first come, first serve basis.
Here is a sampling of some of her work. As you can see, from traditional family portraits to playful and casual candids, Emma effortlessly captures the uniqueness of every subject. Trust me when I say, she will make you look good.

Still need more proof that she’s a camera magician? Ok, fine. Below is a photo taken of me with my own camera, followed by one taken by Emily Dean Photography.

No comparison. The photos speak for themselves.
(Ok, Emma Nathews will kill me if I don’t mention somewhere that the last two photos were not taken by her. However, they do show real promise in my ability to touch-up photos found on the internet. I wonder if she’s hiring.)
But on the serious, if you want a professional, yet affordable photo shoot by an acclaimed photographer with pictures your family will treasure forever, then book a session now! You won’t regret it.