A Distraction From The Infirmary: Guy On A Buffalo (VIDEO)

Our house was hit with a plague this week in the form of a virus. My focus has mainly been on keeping Luke’s fever down, forcing fluids, and having meals delivered to our house. 

I would like to distract you from my absence with a video that provided a funny distraction to me this week. To quote a friend, “I can’t believe this has never been in my life until now and I didn’t even miss it.”

You’ll see what we mean, especially if you watch all four videos in the series. 

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you “Guy On A Buffalo.” 
If you’re having trouble viewing this on your mobile device click HERE.


Ways To Pass Time When You’re Stuck Indoors

Luke (4-1/2) and I have the crud. I don’t think it’s full blown, or as bad as others have had it, but he can’t stop coughing and I have a jackhammer in my head. Also, it snowed last night. < Throws pretend confetti in the air.> Yea. It was just a dusting, but enough for schools to close. So while others are posting their Facebook pictures of six inch snow men, we’re stuck inside enjoying each other’s company. (Read: trying not to kill each other)

If anyone else is lucky enough to be in the same predicament let me offer some suggestions of things to pass the time.