Luke Hip-Hop Video

Ok as promised several times, here is a video from Luke’s hip-hop class. He is on the far left with a blue and green striped shirt and khaki shorts. His freestyle segment is in the last fifteen seconds of the video. Unfortunately, the only audio is lobby noise. Feel free to mute the video and sing “Funky Cold Medina.” I know you know all the words. Also, you may want to enlarge your screen. 

It may be hard to hear over my gasps, but his freestyle dance was the only one that drew quite a bit of laughter from the everyone watching in the lobby. 

After class, he high-fived his teacher and said, “Yeah, I was AWESOME!!”

Bless it.

If the video does not show up on your mobile device, then click the title of the post to be redirected to my actual blog and watch it there. 

The actual URL for the video is: