10 Years Married And We’re Both A Little Better

It’s hard to believe that I married Brantley Wescott ten years ago today, and even more unbelievable that those ten years were intersected with a perfect fifth year event marking the birth of our little professor.  

A lot has changed in these ten years and yet, not a lot has changed.

I can cook a little better. Brantley communicates a little better. And everyday, we parent Luke a little better

We’ve never strived for marital perfection because it doesn’t exist. In fact, there have been times when we were so far from perfection that we wouldn’t know it if we saw it. Those are the times we can now look back on and appreciate what we have, and what we’ve built together. 

I think I’ll mark myself down for ten more. How could I not? Look at him! Oooh-weee, I’d take a bullet for that sweet ass!!

Look at that face in the middle. Handsome enough
to be a part-time model. 

Winter To Do List

It’s already February and I have to say that I have been cracking away at my winter bucket list and New Year’s resolutions. Here are a few accomplishments that really solidify my my swagger.

  • Being named Trophy Wife of the Year for 2012. Caught be completely by surprise for the eighth year in a row.
  • Supervising Luke in hand making eleventy million Valentine’s. My house is covered in glitter and pom poms. 
  • Detoxing my son from candy. Although this has only occurred in the last week or so, it’s kind of amazing to see what happens when he gets his hands on a few Smarties, or God forbid a red ring pop. Katy, whoever you are, grab some rope and bar the freaking door. 
  • Giving up red meat in my super-slow attempt to one day go vegetarian. I also gave up pork, only to have a bacon and pepperoni relapse forty-eight hours later. Baby steps, as they say.
Pork-on-pork crime
I want to hear about YOUR winter accomplishments. Sound off!!