Is Your Kid Stingy With Vegetables? (Video)

I’m not one of those people who think it’s funny to make their kids cry and post it on Youtube, but this was ridiculous. 

A couple of nights ago I was attempting to make a broccoli casserole for dinner, which devastated Luke because he prefers it “cold” (raw). 

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After showing him the video I could tell he was a little embarrassed, which was good. He admitted that it was silly to be so upset when he clearly had his own enormous bowl of raw broccoli. That still didn’t stop him from getting the last word.

“Sure wish you hadn’t ruined all that cold broccoli.”

Stingy gut.


A Distraction From The Infirmary: Guy On A Buffalo (VIDEO)

Our house was hit with a plague this week in the form of a virus. My focus has mainly been on keeping Luke’s fever down, forcing fluids, and having meals delivered to our house. 

I would like to distract you from my absence with a video that provided a funny distraction to me this week. To quote a friend, “I can’t believe this has never been in my life until now and I didn’t even miss it.”

You’ll see what we mean, especially if you watch all four videos in the series. 

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you “Guy On A Buffalo.” 
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Dickie: The Bandwagon

I must admit that I’m not usually a follower, but the fashion trend that is sweeping the nation has me more than a little excited. 

That’s right. I’m talking about dickies. 

I can’t put it better than my friend Kerry, of House Talk’N did in this recent video posted on Youtube. Don’t let the name of her blog fool you, either. She’s clearly an expert on a lot more than just houses AND she knows her way around a dickie.
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Luke Hip-Hop Video

Ok as promised several times, here is a video from Luke’s hip-hop class. He is on the far left with a blue and green striped shirt and khaki shorts. His freestyle segment is in the last fifteen seconds of the video. Unfortunately, the only audio is lobby noise. Feel free to mute the video and sing “Funky Cold Medina.” I know you know all the words. Also, you may want to enlarge your screen. 

It may be hard to hear over my gasps, but his freestyle dance was the only one that drew quite a bit of laughter from the everyone watching in the lobby. 

After class, he high-fived his teacher and said, “Yeah, I was AWESOME!!”

Bless it.

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Things That Can’t Be Deleted Fast Enough

I was in the tub this morning when Luke came thundering into the bathroom. “Say cheese, Mom!”
“Get out of here with that,” I shrieked. “Do NOT take my picture when I’m in the bath tub.”
“It’s ok,” he consoled me. “I’m not taking a picture. I’m taking a video.”

This little fella has been keeping me on my toes for four years now.
Happy birthday, Luke!

Charlie Day- It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

If you’ve never seen, “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia,” you’re missing out. Charlie Day, who’s character is a lunatic, pub janitor is arguably the funniest man on TV right now. In this clip, Charlie is pitching a new business idea. Click to watch.

(There’s no adult content in this clip, but there is for the show in general, hence the warning. If you’re having trouble viewing this clip on your mobile device, click HERE.)

Trainwrecks and Pink Clouds- Album Giveaway!!

She has been called, “Country Music’s first painted lady.” Mitzi Dawn is a well-known songwriter in the country music industry, and is soon to be releasing her first solo album on Valentine’s Day. The album, Trainwrecks and Pink Clouds is labeled as Americana, but if that doesn’t ring a bell for you, think folk-ternative.

Loripalooza is going to be giving away her album BEFORE it’s available for purchase. All you have to do is leave a comment on the blog (email replies don’t count, sorry) with the words,
“I want Mitzi Dawn’s album, Trainwrecks and Pink Clouds.”

Easy enough. Five lucky winners will be chosen at random and receive the album in the mail.
The contest ends January 22, 2012.

After watching the video, my sister asked, “Is that really her boyfriend?” The answer is no. Mitzi is actually engaged to someone much better looking, who is also an AMAZING, classically trained violinist. 

If you’d like to know more about her, and her journey toward this album, click HERE to read the article I wrote for the Murfreesboro News Press. Did you click it? I’ll know if you didn’t.

After Christmas Delirium Video

What happens when your child, who got everything he could possibly want for Christmas, finds a wrapped Christmas gift intended for someone else? He and his best friend do a little scheming and open it.
Before you go thinking that I’m a horrible Mom for recording this, you should know that I only turned on the camera after the crying had become way beyond ridiculous.

(If you have trouble viewing the video, here is the link-

Luke’s friend, Evan, is crying because he’s afraid he’s in trouble. Luke is crying because he just found out that he can’t keep the gift.