Luke-isms: Destination Truth

While watching Travel Channel’s series Destination Truth, Lucas (9) made note that before the explorers ventured into a new, or sacred land they usually started their journey with a visit to the local medicine man to request a blessing. Oftentimes, these ceremonial blessings involved giving the travelers a sort of spiritual token to provide them with safety on their journey. These good luck tokens varied depending on the location, the journey, and the mission, itself. Some of the items received by the show’s host, Josh Gates, have been goat tails, spices or tobacco for burning, and even ancient Egyptian fidget spinners. 
Now, if you’re new to Loripalooza, then I should let you know that my son not only has a wonderfully active imagination, but he also contains the gumption to act on his “great ideas.”
I knew something was in the works when he asked me to pause the TV.
  Destination Truth
Lucas: “Mom! Mom! Mom. I just had a great idea. What if WE became the medicine people for anyone who wanted to visit Middle Tennessee?”
Me: “That’s an interesting thought. What should we give them for good luck in their travels- chicken bones, or lizard tails, or what?”
Lucas:  “No, Mom. We would be MEDICINE people. What are the two biggest problems for people in Tennessee? Think about it.”
Me: “I have no idea.”
Lucas:  “Paranormal hauntings and seasonal allergies!”
Me:  “That was right on the tip of my tongue.”
Lucas:  “We could give out Aspirin, nose spray, Benefiber, Kleenex, and crucifixes.”
Me:  “It’s starting to sound kind of like a convenience store.”
Lucas:  “But no. Wait! We would also carry medicinal herbs.”
Me: “Which ones?”
Lucas:  “Oh gosh! We would definitely need chives, basil, and mint. Trust me. That will be plenty to start us off, but I need to tell you one minor detail. You MIGHT have to run it by yourself sometimes because we’ve been having a lot of littering at my school and I’ve hired some more recruits to work for me on that Junior SWAT team I started a couple weeks ago.”